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This is the official No Idol No Life blog. This is where we’ll primarily write up news that wasn’t discussed in our videos, but we’ll also be writing up our opinions on various things related to idols. If you want a taste on what we do on the channel, our most popular video is below:

Latest from the Blog

Showroom: The Next Best thing to Meet Idol Members

By Jerrison Oracion With the idol world kind of going back to normal with the Coronavirus Pandemic almost ending in the next few months, many idol groups are trying to think of ways for the members to engage with fans practicing social distancing. For most of them, they are doing virtual handshake events allowing more…

Jerrison’s #AloneTogether Playlist

By Jerrison Oracion Welcome to No Idol No Life’s #AloneTogether Playlist. A special series where the gang talk about the songs that they have been listening to during the Coronavirus Pandemic inspired by the MTV Japan campaign where many idol groups were involved in. Their playlists include not only idol songs but songs from the…

Youtube update – Ruka reacts to Oh My Girl!

Hey guys, just in case you haven’t seen, I’ve done a reaction series to the Kpop girl group Oh My Girl on our second channel! Feel free to check it out! -Ruka Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: === Check out my first reaction to Oh My Girl’s “Nonstop” as well!